Project Examples


NKH Safety, Inc. has been involved in hundreds of small, medium and very large projects in both construction and general industry.  Below are examples of some of those projects:


Fifth Third Bank

  • 2001 - Current
    • NKH Safety staffs both the Corporate Safety Manager and Assistant Corporate Safety Manager positions.
    • Some of the projects we have completed:
      • Comprehensive inspection of over 1300 facilities including major high rises to branch offices.  This resulted in a very useful database of information about the facilities and a vast improvement in overall safety and security by identifying and correcting actual and/or potential problems.
      • Development and implementation of a comprehensive facility emergency response program which has been fully implemented in each of the major facilities.  This includes a facility specific Emergency Plan, training of employees (Safety Warden Program) and facility emergency drills.:
        • High Rise Buildings
        • High Density Buildings
        • High Value / Critical Buildings
      • Development and implementation of a corporate wide AED program.
        • Purchasing of all AED's
        • Inspection and maintenance program
        • Employee training in AED and CPR  (Approx. 3000 persons trained to date)
      • Development and implementation of a corporate wide construction safety program with oversight on all construction projects.
      • Assist in development corporate level disaster recovery program.
      • Accident investigations.
      • OSHA interface


Great American Ball Park

  • 2004
    • Worked for various trade contractors to provide total safety oversight during the course of the project.  Trades represented include but not limited to:
      • Steel Erectors
      • Painters
      • Glaziers
      • Fabricators
    • NKH Safety, Inc. developed a comprehensive Facility Emergency Plan for the ball park that is in use today.
    • Safety and emergency response training for ball park staff members


HGC Construction

  • 2003 - Present
    • Assisted company in preparing and applying for the OSHA VPP program with successful completion and award of the VPP to the flag within 1 year.
    • Employee training  (OSHA 10 and 30 Hour program for construction)
    • Construction Site Audits
    • Development and implementation of a comprehensive construction safety management and inspection database
    • OSHA interface
    • Accident investigations
    • Respiratory fit testing
    • Safety equipment recommendations and sales


Greater Cincinnati Painting Contractors

  • 2005 - Present
    • NKH Safety worked with the local Painters Union Hall and a collection of painting contractors to develop and implement an industry specific training program to bring every member up to the 10 and/or 30 hour OSHA program certification as well as 1st Aid / CPR / AED
    • We also developed and implemented an on-line computer database program so that each individual and each contractor could easily track all training as it happened.  This proved invaluable to the contractors who were bidding specific jobs and/or completing pre-qualification packets for prospective clients.
    • We have trained nearly 1000 members of the Union in the past several years


Merrillville Indiana Twin Towers

  • 2006 - Present
    • Develop comprehensive facility emergency plan
    • Develop facility emergency plan database / tracking system
    • Develop safety warden program
    • Implement employee emergency training
    • Conduct facility emergency drills
    • Conduct CPR / AED training
    • Conduct facility safety inspection


Merrillville Indiana Twin Towers

- PresDevelop comprehensive facility emergency plDevelop facility emergency plan database / trackinelop safety warden progImplement employee emergency trainiConduct facility emergency Conduct CPRduct facility safety inspection