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Construction Safety


NKH Safety, Inc. has 34 years of Construction Safety Experience covering hundreds of major construction sites ranging from residential homes to the Great American Ball Park. 

Our client base average T.I.R. (Total Incident Rate) is less than 1.0 which is well below the industry standard.  Our sites have received numerous OSHA inspections and the vast majority of time, it results in no violations issued.  Man of our clients have been recognized by OSHA inspectors as running exemplary construction safety programs.

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Our sevices include:

  • Site Safety Inspections
    • Comprehensive Site Safety Audits
    • Document Hazards found and corrections made
    • Review current documentation methods
    • Superintendent / Subcontractor Evaluations
  • Accident Investigations
  • Comprehensive Written Safety Programs
    • Create, update, review
  • OSHA 10 and 30 Hour Training Programs
  • Sub-Contractor Pre-Qualifications / Interface
  • Develop Record Keeping Programs
  • OSHA Interface
  • PPE – Personal Protection Equipment evaluations
  • Respiratory Fit Testing (Quantitative)
  • Pulmonary Function Testing
  • Hearing Tests

NKH Safety, Inc. can assist you in setting up your Health and Safety Program from inception to implementation.  We give you the tools and knowledge to manage your program from that point on.


Example Clients:

  • Towne Properties
  • Seven Brothers Painting
  • HGC Construction
  • Paul Hemmer Construction
  • Process Construction
  • Ben Hur Steel Erectors
  • Oswald Co.
  • Michael Lichtenberg & Sons
  • Neyer Constructio
  • Kiesland
  • Jedson Engineering
  • Flannery Painting
  • Lehn Painting
  • Van-Con
  • Hoffman Electric
  • Jacobs Masonry
  • Bunnell Hill Development Company
  • American Suncraft
  • Allied Technical Services
  • Blankenship Masonry
  • Duke Weeks
  • Evans Landscaping
  • Perry Interiors
  • Waltek
  • EGC Construction

And Many More......